Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Randomness

A few more pics from around the 'hood. Does that shirt say "Canuck"? I think it must. Looks like I might have to stop in and try it on.

New information signs are popping up in South Granville.

I am so VANOC's dream consumer as I will pretty much buy anything Olympic related. I don't even like Excel mints. LOL.

I was excited to get some Cindy Klassen quarters today and especially happy to see one with red on it. That one will most likely be turned into a magnet and go on my fridge. Nerdy, I know. Don't judge.
- Todd's volunteer report via Facebook "All set for shift 5! Athletes begin to arrive at the village tomorrow so things are ramping up nicely. Should be VERY exciting when I return from Saskatchewan late next week. It seems CBS is setting a full blown broadcast point on the roof of our condo. This is great as there is a great view of the city 43 stories high!"

- Today's Olympic sighting: the official Olympic car of a German TV station (I've forgotten which one). No photo as I was carrying groceries.

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