Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ode To Mukmuk

As requested, Centenie wrote a Mukmuk poem. Her first one turned out to be political and b/c she's such a sweetheart she wrote another non-political one for me. Thanks Centenie!!!!! :-)
Ode to Mukmuk, Version 2.0
by Centenie Narusis

Lost little Mukmuk

You're never around

Did you somehow end up

In the local pound?

Dear little Mukmuk

Do you feel ignored?

You're back in your hole

Because you're so bored

Oh little Mukmuk

A marmot is rare

Better stay clear

Of big Quatchi's lair

Cute little Mukmuk

Your friends are sure famous

You're a sidekick, not a mascot

And that is just shameless

Sweet little Mukmuk

You'll soon be forgotten

By all except Marsi

Whose blog is just rockin'!


  1. I'm so pleased to have my poem on your blog!
    Seriously though, where IS Mukmuk? He's never around when his friends show up for events. That big hairy dude always has to upstage everyone.

  2. It's true! But I suspect that Mukmuk doesn't show up for events b/c he would get mauled by all his fans and he's little so it might be upsetting for him. But that Quatchi is SUCH an attention seeker!

    I seriously love the poem! Thanks so much!!!