Sunday, February 14, 2010

More From The Richmond O|Zone

Yes, this is the winter Olympics. Why do you ask? The wind was quite chilly so you did need your jacket most of the time but if you were sheltered from the wind it was super warm.

Holland shipped over 400 bikes for people to use for free but it turns out you could only borrow them if you had a Dutch passport. Boo!

There's still a line at Holland House. I think we'll skip it.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Best mini-donuts EVER!!!!

Stopped at Richmond Centre for another potty break.

Hmmmm, that's a ton of people. Maybe we should take a bus to the casino and get on the train there. The plan worked except we waited 30min for a bus -- so really we just should have stayed in the original line. Oh well. We're making memories -- right team?

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting for a bus.

FINALLY we're all on the bus.

Keri & Amneet both said the BCLC Pavilion wasn't that great b/c they stood in line for well over an hour (maybe even two, honestly it's hard to keep track) and only got to "play" one sport. It's really misleading b/c you think you'll get to try everything (hockey, biathalon, bobsleigh etc but you don't). Anyways, Amneet was thrilled with her souvenir. I think she should try and use that to get into various events.

Back in the car and on our way home.

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