Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sprechen Sie Deutsches

So we have a little more news on the German Fan Fest. It's hosted by the Thuringian sports association and the German Olympic sports association. The 600(?) person beer tent will be open from Feb 11th - 28th. From 10am - 5pm admission is free and then there will be a cover charge from 6pm - 2am. There will be live music from the Thuringian band Acoustica beginning at 7pm.

According to the Vancouver Sun there will be Köstritzer beer and Thuringian bratwurst. I'll make Keri try the beer and have her report on it.

FYI - The 600 person thing might not be accurate as I can't remember where I read that number.

LOCATION: almost forgot to mention the German Fan Fest will be held in the parking lot next to Steamworks Brewing Co in Gastown. Steamworks is located at 375 Water Street.

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