Thursday, December 31, 2009

No Pressure

Nike used gold thread on Team Canada's jerseys. But NO PRESSURE boys and girls! LOL.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hometown Boy To Represent At Olympics!!!

Penticton's Duncan Keith is going to the Olympics!!!!!! I left Penticton in 2000 and don't know Duncan personally but Penticton isn't that big and sharing a hometown with an Olympian isn't an everyday occurrence. So yay Duncan!!!!!!

He currently plays for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Here's the rest of the Canadian roster.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Leaving On A (Jet) Plane

I'm packed and think I'm ready to head out. Mukmuk is safely in his traveling case but he's been whining that it's too small. I told him if he would stop eating his body weight in Christmas treats it might be more comfortable. That suggestion was met with stony silence.
There will be some posts over the holidays as I have it on good authority that Father Christmas has been spotted at the Olympic Superstore.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Torch Recap

Posting is going to be light for the next few days as I'm trying to get ready to go home for Christmas. Well, Vancouver's my home now but I mean the home I grew up in. LOL.

I just watched a video recap of the torch relay in Ottawa. It's a really well done little video. At some point, I'm going to watch more of them.

Ottawa -- Day 44

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Annoyed With VANOC

I finally got my email saying that my tickets have been shipped and should be delivered next week. I will be away visiting my family and had originally wanted to ship my Olympic tickets to my parents' house. But the info on Vancouver 2010 CLEARLY stated that the account holder (moi) must sign for the tickets. So I decided not to ship them there b/c what if I wasn't actually around and they wouldn't leave the tickets with my parents etc.

Now today, when looking over the new FAQ section it says "If a home address has been designated as the delivery address, any individual at the residence can sign for the ticket package." So I could have shipped them to a different address. Now I won't be able to get them until I come back to Vancouver in January. I really wanted them for Christmas. Boo!

Okay, I'm not actually expecting sympathy or anything cuz I'm still so lucky to be going to the events but I just had to vent. And, really, isn't that what having a personal blog is all about?

Red Mittens FEVER!

Not that there was any doubt but Canadians are crazy for the Red Mittens. One million pairs have been sold with more on the way.

The mittens are a great way to show your pride but they also help raise money for Canadian athletes.

"Net proceeds from every pair of Vancouver 2010 Red Mittens sold are helping complete the funding of the five-year Own the Podium 2010 initiative, which provides Canadian athletes with top equipment and training for the 2010 Games. Any additional funds raised through the Red Mittens campaign will support a variety of Vancouver 2010 Winter Games’ athlete- and sport-based initiatives. " from VANOC

Cheeky Lululemon

Vancouver retailer Lululemon Athletica is in trouble with VANOC for their recently released "Cool Sporting Event That Takes Place in British Columbia Between 2009 & 2011 Edition'' of clothing. Lululemon isn't a Games sponsor and is therefore prohibited from using phrases like "Vancouver 2010" "Winter Olympics" etc. But they've followed the letter of the law and there's nothing VANOC can do about it except express their disappointment.

"We expected better sportsmanship from a local Canadian company than to produce a clothing line that attempts to profit from the Games but doesn't support the Games or the success of the Canadian Olympic team,'' stated Bill Cooper, director of commercial rights management for VANOC. "That's a large part of what we find disappointing, that the only standards they held themselves to was the letter of the law.''

Lululemon has hoodies representing Canada, USA, Germany & Sweden. Plus mittens, hats, tshirts etc.

But this is my favourite. The Canada hoodies have gold zippers while the US ones have silver. LOL. Oh Lululemon, you're bad! ;-)


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Walk The World

A little while ago I started noticing flag decals on the ground around my South Granville neighbourhood. I immediately assumed it had to do with the Olympics but wasn't really sure. Well, it turns out it does! FlagWalk is a walking route that connects the neighbourhoods of Yaletown & South Granville. It spans a total distance of 3.74 kms and features the flags of countries participating in the 2010 Winter Games.

Monday, December 14, 2009


I don't have cable anymore (but will be getting it again for the Olympics) and so have been missing all the Olympic commercials. I thought I'd catch up on a few via Youtube (which is, seriously, like one of the best websites ever). To be honest, I even got teary-eyed during the Air Canada one.

Celebrate The Possible

With Glowing Hearts

Chris Del Bosco -- I Believe

Patrick Chan -- I Believe


Yay Belgium!

Air Canada


Kids for Wonder Bread

Canadian, Please!

Really cute song about being Canadian. I'm not enough of a techie to put the video on here so please check it out on Youtube.

We Were Made For This

The Olympic Superstore (one word, not two as I've just discovered) opened in October 2009. I made a pilgrimage to the store the weekend after it opened. The Superstore is housed on the main floor of The Bay downtown.

Once inside, I was so happy to see all the Olympic gear. Before long we could hear the buzz of excitement and saw a crowd of people, and then we saw them. THE MASCOTS!!!!!!

Can't make it to the Superstore? Shop at HBC 2010.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Red Mittens In Belize

The Mayan Ruins at Altun Ha, Belize

November, 2009

That's The Spirit!

Olympics + Christmas = awesome!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

62 DAYS!!!!

62 days until the Olympics and 90 days until the Paralympics start! YAY!!!!!!!


As previously mentioned, I went downtown to pick up my tickets for the figure skating training sessions this afternoon. The 2010 Ticket Box Office is located inside the UBC Bookstore in Robson Square. As an aside, it's really nice to see the skating rink open again!

While standing in line, I heard the employees mention to everyone as they were receiving their tickets not to "heat" them. Nobody asked why would you heat your tickets so I did. Turns out someone ironed their's -- the tickets aren't printed w/ ink, they use some sort of thermal something or other so if they're heated everything turns black. I had to ask why would someone iron their tickets and the answer was "b/c they were wrinkled". LOL!!!!!!!

I was only able to pick up my training session tix as all my other tickets have already been delivered to Purolator. They were able to access my account and it looks like my delivery date is Dec 22. I'll be visiting my family for Christmas and won't be here. So it looks like I will return to the Robson Square Ticket Box Office sometime late January and get my tickets there (Purolator returns them to VANOC if they're undeliverable). I want them now though!

I Was Almost A Crime Statistic

I nipped downtown to pick up my figure skating training session tix (that story coming later) and decided to pop into the Olympic Super Store at The Bay. As usual I was wearing my red mittens and was mobbed repeatedly, as I walked through the store, by people wanting to know where I found them. I eventually hid them in my bag. I was talking to an employee and she said yesterday a little elderly couple was swarmed by people who wanted their mittens. Seriously people, PLAY NICE!!!!! And FYI, the Super Store downtown is currently sold-out of the adult mittens.

A Capital Torch

The torch is in Ottawa today! My brother lived there for a few years and I really enjoyed my visits out to see him. I love Ottawa! Even in the winter time! LOL!
Me in Ottawa, Feb 2008

Friday, December 11, 2009

Drugs Are Bad

Even if they are stamped w/ the Olympic rings. Vancouver Police seized over 100,000 Ecstasy tabs on Wed, with a street value of over $1 million, and some were stamped w/ the Olympic Rings.


Practice Makes Perfect

This morning Vancouver 2010 released tickets to the figure skating training sessions. $30/ticket and most sessions last from 7am - 1pm.

We did this in 2001 when Vancouver hosted the World Championships. It was actually really cool. I'm not up on things in the figure skating world but there was this Russian couple (not sure if they were pairs or ice dance) and they would just intimidate everyone else on the ice. Everyone's out there, trying to practice jumps etc and the Russians just skated as if they were the only people on the ice. There were numeous almost-collisions and lots of death stares aimed at the Russians. Loved the drama. Can't wait to see what happens this time.

A Little Bit Like Epcot

House Of Switzerland is going to be located at Bridges Restaurant -- which is totally in my hood! Yay! They'll also have one in Whistler for anyone up there.

Whistler is also hosting the Jamaica Bobsleigh House, where you can party with the original team from the '88 Olympics!

Richmond is also getting in on the act with their amazing O Zone; we're talking rides, concerts, tons of cool stuff all for free. O Zone also acts as the home for Holland Heineken House.

Canada Olympic House will be housed in The Bay downtown but will not be open to the public. I guess that's okay since all of Vancouver is kind of like one giant "Canada House".

I'm not even going to talk about Molson Canadian Hockey House; one day passes start at $500! Seriously?!?

I'm having trouble finding info on USA House. It appears there will be one in Vancouver (open from 10am-1am) and it will include a store.

But Will There Be Schnitzel?

Aside from the events, what I'm most looking forward to is meeting people from other countries and hopefully attending their "houses". I remember reading about Canada House at the Salt Lake City Games and expected that Vancouver would be filled with these "houses" from all the countries for 2010.

Thankfully the Russians are playing ball with Russian Sochi 2014 House. And I was so excited to read about Germany's Deutsches Haus Vancouver until I read that it would only be available to the athletes and their familes. BOO! Boo Germany!!!!! They must have heard me b/c it turns out there will be a German Fan Fest taking place in the parking lot next to Steamworks (as an aside, I like their pizza), downtown.

The link I found is in German so I'm not exactly sure what's going on but they've got a logo so it looks pretty official. LOL.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You

Coverage of the Games will be shown live in HD in 64 Cineplex theatres. The theatre chain will dedicate one auditorium daily to the Olympics.

Hmmmmm, this may solve our problem of where to watch the Opening Ceremonies.

Want more info?

From Russia With Love

Russian Sochi 2014 House will be housed at Science World. How fun!

“Visitors will not only be able to sample genuine Russian hospitality, they will also get a showcase of Sochi and the whole of Russia." said Dmitry Chernyshenko, President and CEO of Sochi 2014.

In more Russian news, the Russian tall ship Kruzenshtern will be here during the Olympics and we might even get a visit from Premier Putin.

If The Slipper Fits

Check out my brand new Mukmuk slippers!!!!! They sell for $25 from Vancouver 2010 and are currently sold out online but I got mine from Shoppers Drug Mart last night for $20. Whenever I'm in a Shoppers I have to stop and check out their Olympic gear. Love it all.

These slippers are a child's size large. Just for reference I wear an 8.5 and while the slippers fit, they're a little too small to actually walk around in. I guess I'll just use them as decoration.

My Mukmuk collection is starting to grow. SO CUTE!!!!
UPDATE: I now have the kids XL slippers and they fit!!!!!!!!

This May Be A Problem

I've just discovered the live streaming feed of the Torch Relay. Honestly, I've sat here for the past five minutes watching it and am actually getting a little choked up. I think I could spend way too much time watching this.

Click here if you want to watch too.

My friend, Ada, is running on Feb 7. At least we'll get to watch her live online since I don't think we'll be able to see her in the flesh.

Read The Sign

I spotted road restrictions due to the Olympics today. I was actually kind of excited -- obviously I am a hard core Olympic nerd. LOL! The signs weren't up on my way to work but were there when I was on my way home.

For the locals, there will be no stopping on West 12th from Feb 4 - March 1. It's probably all of 12th that has the restriction but I don't know for sure.

update: I have also seen these signs on Hemlock & Broadway. Basically, there will be no stopping anywhere. LOL!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

Let's Go Canada!

My favourite radio station in 2003 was Z95.3 -- they were broadcasting live from Robson St and asked us to come up w/ a cheer about Vancouver and perform it on the radio.

Here we're having a quick strategy meeting with the "reporter" guy listening in.

I decide we should grab a passing Yeti and whip out the Cdn flag.

Up until this point they were trying to recruit other people so we could have a cheer-off. But obviously nobody could match us for national pride and there were no volunteers.

So they split us up.

I have to admit -- Pam and I weren't the best. I really thought we'd get some style points for the Yeti but it wasn't enough to beat the enthusiasm of May & Roxanne.


The year is 2003. Vancouver is in the process of wooing the IOC in our quest to host the 2010 Winter Olympics. With the IOC officials in town, Vancouver hosts a street festival of sorts on Robson St. Lots of Olympic athletes were on hand with their medals. And some of them were nice enough to let us try them on. Is it terrible to admit I can't remember who these guys are? Don't judge me, it was 7 years ago. LOL.

photo taken by Keri