Monday, February 22, 2010

Cool T-Shirt -- Only Available For 10 More Hours

I received an email from Kelly who designed this fun t-shirt featuring all the previous Olympic cities. Here's what she wrote:

This year watching the Olympics has brought back recent memories from our trip to Sarajevo and all of the old Olympic venues we saw. It got me to thinking that it would be cool to have a t-shirt that lists all of the cities that have hosted the Olympics – a tribute to the cities and to everything the Olympics represents. I couldn’t find one online, so I decided to design one myself. Of course, Vancouver is the highlight!

Her tshirt is only $12 (it's an American Apparel tee), is available here and will only available for 10 more hours. So if you want one get it quick!


  1. There's no link where to get it!

  2. That's cuz the shirt was only available until early this evening. Now it's another shirt -- they only have each design available for 24 hours.