Wednesday, February 24, 2010

INXS -- Victory Ceremony

Keri and I both love INXS. We saw them when they came several years ago and it was one of my favourite concerts ever. Tonight's show was good. It was short but that was expected since it was part of a Victory Ceremony not a full concert.

Sound at BC Place isn't great but it was better than Madonna. I really try and avoid concerts at BC Place and have only seen the two shows there.

JD Fortune looks much skinnier than before. It makes his teeth seem really big (no, seriously it does). It was really nice to see him back w/ the guys. I think they are great together. Hopefully things work out and they stay together.

I would like to apologize to Keri for refusing to move to better seats. I am not capable of seat jumping.

I was so tired by the end of the evening (I'm sick again) that in a moment of total confusion I bought a Canadian flag -- I thought I was buying a poncho. Thankfully Keri could tell I was fading fast and sent me home. Hopefully a good sleep will help me feel better for tomorrow but if not I am prepared to use today's "magic formula" of Tylenol Cold Daytime (extra strength of course) + lots of sugar + a splash of caffeine + exciting event to help me get out of bed and to women's gold medal hockey.

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