Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MukMuk for Mascot Rally - 23Feb2010

Guest post by Keri.
Our friend Sonia sucked it up and went down for the free Zip trekking over downtown. She arrived at the site at 7:20am and was already 116 in line for something that didn't open until 10:00.

This post isn't about that, although photos will follow at the end of the post. What it's about is what she encountered on her way out. A MukMuk for Masccot rally!!! For those of you who aren't aware, the beloved MukMuk isn't an official mascot, but a "sidekick".

Explains rally attendee Karen Gray, "Poor MukMuk has spent the Games trapped in a digital no-man's land. While the mascots regularly attend events, MukMuk has been left behind, waving out from a computer screen with his "We're Number One!" mitt. Well, we want him to know we think he's number one too."

As for Sonia's experience Zip Trekking? I'm sure you want to all know whether it was worth the 5 hour wait. Sonia says, it was great, she really wanted to do it, but using the patented Keri formula of how great the thing was/wait time, she would say not worth it.


  1. Thanks for the photos Sonia and thanks for posting Keri!!! Mukmuk FOREVER!!!!!