Sunday, February 7, 2010

Olympic Memories

It was the fall of 1991. Team Canada was gearing up for the Albertville Olympics, I had just turned 14 and was totally in love with Eric Lindros. Imagine my excitement when my Dad managed to arrange an introduction. We took a road trip to Vancouver to watch a "friendly" between the Canucks & Team Canada. And on that Grey Cup Sunday afternoon I got to meet Eric Lindros, which was the highlight of my young life. He was so shy and nervous -- which was not what I was expecting. LOL.
Now the 2010 Olympics are almost here, I've pulled my Lindros jersey out of the closet and taken some time to wander down memory lane. I'll be wearing it with pride when I watch Team Canada in their hunt for gold (both mens & womens) and looking forward to making new memories in it.
BTW, if this jersey was a person it would be legal!!!!!!! This is the oldest piece of clothing that I own!

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