Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Post Game - Canada vs Finland

As usual we skipped the hour plus line for the SuperStore at The Bay and instead went upstairs to the International Marketplace on the 5th floor. There was NOBODY there!!!! It was actually kind of creepy! This time I felt I was able to take a good look at things and there is nothing I would buy for the prices they are selling them for. Maybe after the Olympics when they have some deep discounts but not now.

One cool thing is they have all these shirts/hoodies from previous Olympics. I'm actually not sure on the prices of these items but it was neat to see them all.

This is the madness that I'm talking about, $89 for a t-shirt! A T-SHIRT!!!!

Canada House is housed on the 6th floor of The Bay and is closed to the public. It was neat to at least see the outside of it.

I don't know what happened but downtown was dead. Relatively speaking -- there were still lots of people around but it seemed so quiet and empty compared to the last time we were down there. It was actually very creepy! Where are the crowds????

We were planning on having dinner at Joey Burrard but it had been taken over by Team Russia for a private party.

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