Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Richmond O|Zone

Today we headed out to the Richmond OZone. I enjoyed it, mainly b/c it was sunny and we got to sit on the "grass" and watch speed skating w/ thousands of other fans. But it wouldn't be the funnest place in the rain. I think the main draws during the day are the Holland House & the big screens. At night, they are having a bunch of concerts and if I lived closer I would totally go for that.

I uber-love Tasha's Mukmuk bag!!!!! Check out her blog We Are All Mukmuks.

We stopped for a potty break at Richmond Centre, which was a totally good move b/c they have some of the nicest public bathrooms ever. Much better than a porta-potty.

The huge line moved very quickly! Security was a breeze.

Welcome to the Winter Olympics! LOL!

Massive, massive lines for Holland House.

Where is everybody? In line for Holland House.

The food tent & beer garden. They had several different ethnic food stands. I opted for a good old hot dog. Nothing says vacation like a hot dog!

Still not very many people but once speed skating got under way the field filled up. We sat on the grass (ie - astro turf) and cheered on our Canadian women. It was awesome!!!! Marshall, Tasha & I watched speed skating while Keri & Amneet wandered around.

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