Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ode To Quatchi

I know how much Centenie loves Quatchi & she wrote a cheeky little poem for him (way back in the summer but I just discovered it thanks to Quatchi Watch). The last line is my favourite! Maybe she'll write one for Mukmuk.

“Ode to Quatchi”
by Centenie Narusis

O Quatchi, my Quatchi

With widely spaced dots for eyes

You watch me

You’ve got perpetually cold ears

But that doesn’t compare

To paying off the Olympics for years

You clomp along in your mukluks

But your Olympic Games

Are draining all of our bucks

You have such a creepy voice

And for us who voted “NO”

We don’t have much of a choice

It’s cute you like hockey

But did you hear the news?

The economy’s kind of rocky

O Quatchi, my Quatchi

You and your little friends are cute

But your Olympics are as extravagant as Versace

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