Thursday, December 10, 2009

Read The Sign

I spotted road restrictions due to the Olympics today. I was actually kind of excited -- obviously I am a hard core Olympic nerd. LOL! The signs weren't up on my way to work but were there when I was on my way home.

For the locals, there will be no stopping on West 12th from Feb 4 - March 1. It's probably all of 12th that has the restriction but I don't know for sure.

update: I have also seen these signs on Hemlock & Broadway. Basically, there will be no stopping anywhere. LOL!


  1. Hi Marsillini, I followed you here from Cruise Critics. I have added your blog to my favourites page to blog and read along with you over the next couple of exciting months. I am a downtown guy and a volunteer for the games. I am working at the village. Hopefully I will have some unique insights for your blog. Cheers, BC Todd

  2. Welcome BCTodd!!!! I'm glad you're here. So exciting that you're volunteering for the games!!!!

    Look forward to hearing your take on things!