Friday, December 11, 2009

But Will There Be Schnitzel?

Aside from the events, what I'm most looking forward to is meeting people from other countries and hopefully attending their "houses". I remember reading about Canada House at the Salt Lake City Games and expected that Vancouver would be filled with these "houses" from all the countries for 2010.

Thankfully the Russians are playing ball with Russian Sochi 2014 House. And I was so excited to read about Germany's Deutsches Haus Vancouver until I read that it would only be available to the athletes and their familes. BOO! Boo Germany!!!!! They must have heard me b/c it turns out there will be a German Fan Fest taking place in the parking lot next to Steamworks (as an aside, I like their pizza), downtown.

The link I found is in German so I'm not exactly sure what's going on but they've got a logo so it looks pretty official. LOL.


  1. Actually, the German Fanfest is open to ALL MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC! How the rumor got started otherwise I don't know (perhaps confusion with one of the other "country houses"). Anyway, I know for sure because I know people at Steamworks who are going to work the Fanfest and it sounds like it is going to be a great party. No Schnitzel but lots of wurst!

  2. I knew that the Fanfest was open to the public, I was lamenting that the actual "Deutsches Haus" was only for athletes & families (but was quickly mollified when I found out about the Fanfest). Sorry if that wasn't clear.

    Thanks for the info about no Schnitzel -- guess I'll have to make due w/ wurst. LOL.