Saturday, December 12, 2009


As previously mentioned, I went downtown to pick up my tickets for the figure skating training sessions this afternoon. The 2010 Ticket Box Office is located inside the UBC Bookstore in Robson Square. As an aside, it's really nice to see the skating rink open again!

While standing in line, I heard the employees mention to everyone as they were receiving their tickets not to "heat" them. Nobody asked why would you heat your tickets so I did. Turns out someone ironed their's -- the tickets aren't printed w/ ink, they use some sort of thermal something or other so if they're heated everything turns black. I had to ask why would someone iron their tickets and the answer was "b/c they were wrinkled". LOL!!!!!!!

I was only able to pick up my training session tix as all my other tickets have already been delivered to Purolator. They were able to access my account and it looks like my delivery date is Dec 22. I'll be visiting my family for Christmas and won't be here. So it looks like I will return to the Robson Square Ticket Box Office sometime late January and get my tickets there (Purolator returns them to VANOC if they're undeliverable). I want them now though!

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