Monday, January 11, 2010

The World Needs More Canada

Yesterday, I spotted a mascot display in Chapters. I didn't realize Chapters was selling Olympic gear so I went in to check it out. I had a little cuddle with Mukmuk and then proceeded to look at all the red & white stuff. Chapters has this awesome slogan "The World Needs More Canada" and they've got it on various things. I picked up a reusable shopping bag, which is going to be my new work bag.

They've also started a new thing, where they've got a maple leaf sticker on books by Canadian authors. It's a neat way to help them stand out.

Also spotted yesterday - the Olympic Spirit is alive and well on transit. On the front of the bus, where it lists the bus number & destination (and during playoffs says "GO CANUCKS"), it says "WELCOME WORLD" & "GO CANADA". I'll be interested to see what other things they'll say. And I guess I'll have to start carrying my camera around all the time now so I can start capturing all this.

ps - am trying a larger sized photo, so we'll see what happens.

pps - hmmmm, that's not very large. But I think this will be the new standard size for my pics.

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