Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Olympic Combo

BFF Keri and I went to see Sherlock Holmes last night (loved it, btw). The Olympics are everywhere -- including the snack bar. Keri and I shared the Olympic combo; which was popcorn, pop and candy. The best part, however, was the Olympic pin we (I) got. We'll have to go to another movie soon so Keri can get a matching pin.

As an aside, I just have to bitch about the Olympic pins from VANOC for a second. I have about half a dozen pins now and all my mascot pins have a rubber maple leaf on the back (it's the pin back -- not sure what it's really called). Anyways, having a maple leaf is super cool except the pins don't stay attached. Every single one of my mascot pins has fallen off while I've been out and about but thankfully I've managed to notice and pick them up again. So now I'm having to go through my apartment looking for other pins to use their metal back (w/ those little clip things) so my mascot pins will stay on. The above Coca-Cola pin does have an appropriate metal back.

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